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Beauty 100's Moxibustion treatment takes traditional moxibustion therapy into the modern age! It utilizes indirect treatment via a heat process to impart benefits of moxibustion in a relaxing and comfortable manner. You can achieve all the benefits above by simply laying down and indulge in a 60 mins beauty sleep.

What makes Beauty 100 Moxibustion so exclusive?

* Increase effectiveness with Infrared therapy and negative-ion infusion. Infrared therapy LEDs are embedded throughout and work in tandem with the moxibustion treatment to promote circulation and detoxification. IR therapy is an effective treatment for conditions of pain and inflammation, and promotes the positive effects of moxibustion.

* Lay down and relax! Traditional moxibustion therapy require someone else to administer the treatment or holding the moxa yourself. With us, you’re able to completely relax your muscles and mind as you lay down and receive treatment, while gaining 5 times the benefits compares to traditional moxibustion, 100% safe.

* Targeted energy levels. At Beauty 100, we can set various power levels for different body areas. Convenient if one part of your body needs increased treatment intensity over another.

* No burn—no smoke! For those that are averse to the smoke created by the traditional burning moxa, this treatment is especially wonderful as it eliminates that aspect of therapy. Because we use heat extraction to extract the medicinal essence of the moxa, it never burns, and thus, no smoke.

* Customisable treatment caters to different needs. Use with different moxa and formulas to target different conditions.


Traditionally, moxibustion is an ancient wonder---treatment that involves the burning of dried plant material called moxa, on or near the surface of the skin to facilitate healing by warming and stimulating meridian points. The moxa is usually made of Chinese mugwort, but can be made of (or with) other herbs as well. Moxibustion therapy is very versatile and has been used for thousands of years throughout Asia to:

1. Treat pain: It penetrates deeply to the affected area to provide relief.

2. To strengthen the smooth flow of qi and blood: Another function of moxibustion is to induce qi and blood to flow upward or downward. This helps conditions such as prolapse of the anus, prolapse of the uterus, prolonged diarrhea, etc.

3. Warm meridians and expel cold: It warms the qi to help relieve conditions caused by stagnant qi and blood.

4. Coughs and other respiratory problems: Since our coughs are much more prevalent in the winter, i.e. during the cold, moxa is really effective in moving the qi and stagnation in the lungs to clear up the nagging, hacking coughs.

5. Digestive symptoms: Since the heat from the Moxa stimulates the digestive system, it is effective in helping with constipation, IBS, and digestion in general.

6. Menstrual cramps: Moxa is really effective in relieving menstrual cramps and irregular cycles. Many common activities can cause cold to become trapped in the uterus, like wearing shorts or skirts in cooler weather. Moxa can reverse these effects.

7. Prevent disease and maintain general health: It can also be used preventatively to keep your immune system functioning effectively to stave off seasonal allergies and future illness.

8. Much more: Moxibustion is used to treat many other conditions, and is even used to help turn breach babies when applied to a certain point.

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