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Caring Women's Breast Health

This Treatment Is Designed to Help

Natural Enhancement

Solely Non-Invasive


Improve Firmness


Improve Lift

Treatment Details

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Deep Meridian Run-thru

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Firmness Enhancement

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Full Lymphatic Drainage

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Full Enhancement

5 Improvements for You

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Bust Care

Embrace natural solutions for healthier, firmer and perkier breasts, gentle and pain-free


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Bust Care

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Other FAQs

  • I have undergone physio and not seeing results, can this treatment help?
    Yes, we specialize in non-invasive treatments for shoulder and neck recovery, using state-of-the-art techniques such as TCM-Based massage therapy, coupled with our patented machine treatments.
  • How many times do I need to do the shoulder and neck recovery treatment?
    At Beauty100, our shoulder and neck recovery treatment is designed to provide maximum benefit after a minimum number of sessions. The number of treatments needed can vary depending on individual factors such as the severity of the issue, overall health, and lifestyle. Typically, we recommend a series of 3-10 sessions to achieve the best results. However, this can be personalized based on your specific needs and progress. Our skilled therapists will assess your condition and create a tailored treatment plan to ensure optimal recovery.
  • I have skin related problems, can I still do it?
    Yes, our herbal bath does not intervene or aggravate skin related problems such as eczema, and in fact, the herbal ingredients helps relieve skin related symptoms like eczema.
  • Can I do the womb care when I'm on my period?
    Yes, our herbal bath for womb care is safe and beneficial to do even if you are on your period.
  • Can I claim under insurance?
    No, insurance claiming currently is not available
  • What is the treatment price after trial?
    The trial treatment is $68 nett, inclusive of tax and everything. however for subsequent treatment, it is done based on cycles and the prices varies based on each person's actual condition. For example, conditions related to men's health may required slightly longer cycle as compare to conditions like foamy urine, or urine creatinine. however we still need to see the actual conditions of each individual before making any assumptions.
  • Is it under TCM?
    We have our adjunct TCM physician (Registered under MOH) for this treatment, you can check out the required certification here
  • Is there any side effect for the Bust Care Treatment?
    The answer is no, we prioritize the health and well-being of our clients, and our bust treatments are designed to be gentle and non-invasive.
  • How many times do I need to go for this treatment?
    The frequency of Bust Care treatment depends on individual needs and goals. During your initial consultation, our consultant will assess your current bust condition, discuss your desired outcomes, and recommend a personalized treatment plan.
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